Dynamic Mindfulness Really Works!

A success story from the Health Center Director at a large urban high school.

The Director of the Health Center at a large Bay Area high school recently emailed us and said,

“Just got called down to the Principal’s office to connect with a young person who was VERY agitated – his legs and hands were twitching, he was shaking, and his breathing was heavy. He was totally up for doing Dynamic Mindfulness, and so we did some breathing practices and then some mindful movement – first seated, and then standing – the whole 9 yards with the ABCs [mindful Action, Breathing, Centering]. In just a few minutes, he went from melting down and being completely out of control, to calm and relaxed. Super cool. Thank you!”

We have been training and coaching their classroom teachers and counselors in Dynamic Mindfulness throughout the 2014-2015 school year. We have also been working with their youth peer leaders. As the above quote illustrates, Dynamic Mindfulness has become an integrated tool that the students and staff use to support each other.