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Dynamic Mindfulness is a scientifically validated practice that has a positive impact on stress and behavior.

Lowers Burnout

Increases Learning Readiness

Develops Social & Emotional Intelligence

Enables Healing From Trauma

Builds Stress Resilience

Improves School & Classroom Climate

Encourages Prosocial Behavior

Improves Academic Outcomes

“It’s nice that the teachers know that they have a strategy or technique to use that isn’t punishment. That they have a strategy to get kids to calm down, to center, to be able to communicate without just becoming frustrated, angry and walking away.”

Shelly Baca, Principal
King Chavez Arts Academy, San Diego

What Sets Us Apart

50,000 Directly

Mindful Coaching


CASEL Approved

Impact Driven

For over a decade Niroga has partnered with schools, teachers and students to implement Dynamic Mindfulness in a variety of school settings. Each month, we directly serve 9,000 students who live in communities across the United States that are disproportionally impacted by stress and trauma.

We understand that each classroom and school is unique and we have first-hand experience overcoming the challenges of implementation. Our seasoned trainers are ready to coach you through the process of building your personal practice and bringing Dynamic Mindfulness to your school!

Common Language for Stress & Trauma

We know how valuable your classroom time is. The tools of mindful movement, breathing and centering have been distilled to short, focused practices with clear language.

Chronic stress is ubiquitous within school communities, yet it can be a challenging topic to address. Dynamic Mindfulness provides a universal language so you, your students and co-workers can share a common understanding of how to begin healing trauma and coping with stress in a healthy and productive way.

Distinguishing Features

In recent years, many schools have been turning to mindfulness to increase focus in the classroom, support social and emotional learning and improve behavior. Dynamic Mindfulness truly stands out from the rest.

One of the distinguishing features of our program is the trauma informed use of movement. This makes the practices more engaging and accessible for students from kindergarten to high school.

Also, our program is scalable. First we focus on educators’ personal practice and leadership skills. Then we work with educators to outline a plan to bring the Dynamic Mindfulness tools of stress management and trauma healing to their students. We also offer ongoing coaching to participants to ensure educators have the support they need to use Dynamic Mindfulness in their classrooms.

With over 10 years of direct service, implementation support, program evaluation and research, Niroga has developed the quintessential in-class mindfulness program for schools. The Dynamic Mindfulness curriculum is CASEL approved, evidence-based and highly effective.

“It is rare that you have a room full of teachers respond to a Professional Development with “I love this” and “This is really great”.

Educator, Eagle Academy
Brooklyn, NY

“Mindfulness has been a huge success in my class! The students that I didn’t think would buy into it, have.”

Educator, King Chavez School
San Diego, CA

“I’ve come away with enough training to feel reasonably confident leading Dynamic Mindfulness on my own. I also appreciate the ever-needed reminder to take care of myself.”

Educator, El Cerrito High School
El Cerrito, CA