About Us

Dynamic Mindfulness is program presented by the Niroga Institute, a California-based non-profit. It is an evidence-based, trauma-informed stress resilience program that has been embraced by educators and mental health professionals across the country for over a decade.

Dynamic Mindfulness integrates the Mindful ABCs: Action, Breathing, and Centering into a powerful intervention that can be implemented in the classroom, clinic or home in 5 to 15-minute sessions, 3 to 5 times a week.

Dynamic Mindfulness has been field-tested with thousands of children and adolescents, and Niroga trains hundreds of teachers and mental health professionals annually to implement the Dynamic Mindfulness curriculum.

Within our most disadvantaged communities also exists disproportionately high levels of chronic, traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress. This reality demands that America’s public schools use trauma-informed methods to heal our youth and provide them with the tools that will allow them to achieve their academic goals and personal dreams.

Our Approach

We are driven by service

Dynamic Mindfulness has been implemented with 50,000 students in K-12 and alternative schools. Our innovative and easy to use program has been embraced by classroom teachers and counselors throughout the country for the past decade. Additionally, 10,000 educators have been trained in Dynamic Mindfulness, and are using our multimedia curriculum in their classrooms.

The Dynamic Mindfulness program uses a 3-pronged approach:

  • Professional Development through training and coaching for staff to develop personal sustainability and steps for professional application
  • In-class Dynamic Mindfulness Sessions by Niroga as necessary, while building classroom teacher capability
  • Peer Leadership among studentsstaff, and families, impacting school and classroom climate, the home environment, and the school-community connection

Who We Are

Over 40 years of experience combined

BK Bose

Bidyut K. Bose, PhD


For the past 10 years, Bidyut (aka B.K.) has been conducting stress resilience trainings for education and school-based behavioral health professionals. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Niroga Institute. Niroga trains hundreds of education and mental health professionals and thousands of K-12 students in mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. As a former Silicon Valley executive, he is familiar with high-stress environments. Bidyut holds a doctoral degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Coleen Armstrong-Yamamura


A passion for social justice and equity motivated Coleen to become an educator. She joined Teach for America as a 2008 corps member in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her years as a Middle School English teacher in New Orleans and South Los Angeles taught her about the realities of chronic stress and trauma in the lives of many youths and the educators that teach them.

Coleen left the classroom with the goal of broadening her impact in education by sharing the evidence-based and healing practices of Dynamic Mindfulness.


Jennifer Frank, PhD


Jennifer is a Research Associate Professor at the Pennsylvania State University, Prevention Research Center (PRC). She completed her doctoral training in educational psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a specialization in the area of Prevention and Intervention Science. She is particularly interested in programs designed to promote the development of key Social-Emotional Learning skills in at-risk youth. In partnership with Niroga, she is examining the effects of the Dynamic Mindfulness curriculum on inner-city high school students and incarcerated youth.

Jonathan Relucio


Jonathan works for Niroga because the work aligns with his deepest social justice-centered values. As a Program Manager and Senior Trainer for Niroga, Jonathan teaches and trains youth and professionals (of schools, clinics, and community-based organizations) in Dynamic Mindfulness. With over 20 years of experience training, social service delivery, group facilitation, leadership development, and community education and organizing, Jonathan values mindfulness as a healing practice of liberation to strengthen schools, communities, and movements.

Jonathan holds an MA from Naropa studying Contemplative Education and Nonviolent Social Movements.


Rebekah Stone


Rebekah has spent the past 7 years in education as a teacher, Content Specialist, and founder of the KIPP Teacher Wellness Program. During her years at KIPP Houston Public schools, Rebekah realized that chronic stress resulting from the intense demands of charter school education limited the efficacy of teachers who quickly burned out. Rebekah is thrilled to join the Niroga team and continue to expand mindfulness and yoga to schools for the betterment of teachers, students, and our greater communities.

Tysza Gandha, PhD


Tysza knows for sure that great teachers and schools change lives, but intensifying demands on teachers and leaders could cost them their mental, emotional, and physical wellness. She joins Niroga to care for educators and students from the inside out, so that schools can realize their transformative potential. Tysza’s role includes evaluating the effectiveness of Niroga’s educational programs, supporting the learning of DMCT cohorts, and writing for Niroga’s communications. She is currently in Niroga’s yoga teacher training program and plans to be a dynamic mindfulness practitioner-researcher when she grows up.

About the Niroga Institute

Niroga Institute is a 501(c)(3) CA-registered nonprofit

The Niroga Institute was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization serving the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities through professional development and direct service programs in Yoga and Dynamic Mindfulness. The Sanskrit word, Niroga, means ‘freedom from disease’ or integral health – health of body, mind, and spirit.

Niroga enables healthy communities, compassionate schools, and peaceful neighborhoods across the nation and beyond by transforming lives, one breath at a time. Please visit www.niroga.org to learn more.

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