Students learn better when they are able to effectively manage their stress.

Dynamic Mindfulness provides students and teachers with tools for stress management, self-awareness and self-regulation.

These skills are the keys to academic success and greater well-being.

Dynamic Mindfulness is

Evidence Based

Field Tested

Trauma Informed

Dynamic Mindfulness improves

School and Classroom Climate

Health and Well-being

Attendance and Graduation Rates

Courses For You

Dynamic Mindfulness Foundation

Establish your practice, develop stress resilience, improve emotion regulation and well-being with our foundational training.

6hrs / Online & In-Person 

CEUS available

Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher

Deepen your own Dynamic Mindfulness practice and learn to lead and teach mindfulness practices by becoming a Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher.

1 Day / In person 

CEUs available

Dynamic Mindfulness Certified Trainer

This year-long, group training will prepare you to be a leader and train others in Dynamic Mindfulness by reinforcing and strengthening your foundation of practice and facilitation skills.

1 year / Webinars & In-person

Praise for DMind


“Dynamic Mindfulness is helping us build a more compassionate and restorative school culture”

– Shelley Bacca, Principal
King-Chavez Academy

“Our students carry many burdens, Dynamic Mindfulness helps them cope with stress and focus on reaching their goals”

-Jeremy Cavagnolo, Teacher
Street Academy High School

“ I didn’t know how hard it is for me to stay still and pay attention. I can handle school now, mindfulness is helpful!”

– Carlos Torres, Student
Oakland Techinical High School

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